Friday, August 08, 2008

Some recent pictures

By way of checking that I can post photos, here are a few piccies from my recent trip to Kew Gardens. I popped down on Monday to celebrate my birthday with my girlfriend and some chums. Very nice too and rounded off with some fish and chips.

Kew is a lovely spot. I particularly liked the glasshouses; they are wonderful buildings and though they could probably do with a lick of paint, I quite like the faded grandeur aspect of them. So many of our museums and such places are multimedia experiences as much as anything else. It's nice to see things that aren't quite so shiny. I get a similar feeling at the Natural History Museum; there are all the snazzy graphics and displays, but happily there's still space for a bunch of stuffed birds in a wooden display box.

I took these photos in RAW format and then converted them into JPEGS. This is the way I take all my pictures and it seems to pose a bit of a problem as the file sizes are close to bloggers' limit. We'll see how it goes on this front - I do like taking pictures and hope to post some of my amateurish efforts. Anyway, here is the final one for today:

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